Wool Products

All wool products are from our Vermont pastured and naturally raised sheep!


Our wool is custom spun into worsted and bulky weight yarn. We receive it from Stonehedge Fiber Mill; a mill that can do wonderful things with the long staple wool. The yarn is returned to us on cones for washing and dyeing. We use the Greener Shades Dye (also used by organic wool producers) and are very happy with the variety of colors obtained. We continue to mix and blend producing new and favorite customer colors – visit the farm, the Middlebury Farmers Market or Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival to see our display of yarn.


100% wool roving is available for felting crafts and spinning. We have natural white, natural grey and a variety of home dyed colors. The crafter or spinner is welcome to purchase a variety of pre dyed colors or we order a custom color for a special project.

Felted squares

100% wool felt! We are excited to offer felted sheets; made by the same spinnery that produces our yarn. They can be used for as crib liners, baby pads, a canvas for needle felting, wet felting, vest making or as liners for mittens and boots; the uses are endless! Sheets are ¼” thick and approximately 30×40 inches.


Soft, luxurious lamb pelts. Use on chairs to warm the back; rugs to warm the feet; beds for children or family pets.