Old Fashion Fryers

Vermont pastured and Certified Organic (VOF) chicken –
bred, hatched, raised and processed on our farm!

We breed a lot of our egg layers, and with each hatch we can expect that 50-60% of our chicks to be cockerels!  With this in mind we breed hens and roosters that will give us a dual purpose bird; one suitable for both meat and eggs.  So, as the chicks mature the hens are moved into our laying program and the cockerels are processed and sold as young fryers or larger slow roasting birds. We find that these birds hold a fabulous flavor!

Our customers have been enjoying the smaller fryers on the grill and saving the larger fryers for slow roasting or braising. We (Bay, Hilary and Erin – our summer friend/intern) spent an hour or so cutting up a few of these chickens. We froze an amazing array of drumsticks, boneless breasts and wings for summer time grilling. We bagged the backs, necks and any extra pieces for making soups and stocks.

We urge you to step back from the traditional CornishX  bird and try a fully pastured (supplemented with VT and NY grains) Old Fashion Fryer that was bred, born and processed on our farm. Not only rich in flavor and nutrition but also respectful of the natural process of egg production.


Terriyaki Chicken (adapted from Williams Sonoma Grilling)

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/3 cup dry sherry

1/4 cup vegetable oil

2 TBL VT Maple Syrup

2 cloves of garlic, minced

1 TBL fresh ginger, grated

1 frying chicken, about 3.5 pounds cut up

Stir together the marinade ingredients. Place chicken in the marinade, making sure that all pieces are coated. Set mixture in refridgerator for at least 2 hours – can be all day.  Remove the chicken from the marinade (reserve the marinade) and cook on the grill 4 to 6 inches away from fire. Turn frequently for 30 to 35 minutes; brush it 2-3 times with the reserved marinade during the last 10 minutes of grilling.

Or, instead of a grill, bake the chicken in the oven for 30 to 35 minutes. You can then finish it off on the grill or eat it straight from the oven. We love this chicken hot or cold…so be sure to cook extra for tomorrows picnic!