March 2011

Boil! Boil! Boil! Yes, the sap is running and our evaporator steaming.  Our hours in the sugar house have been well worth it; Hilary has canned up the first of the season and (if I don’t say so myself) it is amazing! If you want a taste come by and say “hi” at the next Middlebury Farmers’ Market.

Bay drawing-off the syrup

Hilary canning the syrup

Our Finished Product!

Hatch! Hatch! Hatch! Our chicks are coming out yellow, striped and black (very curious). Our selected hens and proud roosters have been living up to their task; supplying us with eggs for our spring hatches. We were so pleased with the chicks from 2010 that we chose the best of the best and bred them again this year.

Just Hatched

Proud Parents!

Eat! Sleep! Grunt! Our very pregnant ewes will be lambing the first of April.  I have decided that it is much easier to feed them from across the fence then to get – once again – compressed into a mass of very pregnant ladies.

Enjoying breakfast in the sun

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! All colors all sizes all shapes. Our hens kept up with demand all winter and still look great – incredibly happy to finally see a little dirt.

Out for a scratch

Once again, we have some wonderful chicks arriving from JM Hatchery. It is a small hatchery that specializes in the “Freedom Rangers”; a meat bird that can walk, run and even hop for it’s food.  If you would like to stock  your freezer with these delicous bird, now it the time to place your order.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the next Middlebury Farmers’ Market (March 26) –  don’t forget to come by and stock up on eggs, syrup, chicken and lamb. Or, just come by and tell us how  your mud season is progressing (or not).

Until then – Bay